SolidWorks Design Services USA

For more effective and precise design and illustration, design+engineering employs a well-known software tool. SolidWorks provides more analytics and graphic editing options. Even if you are fresh to the market or an experienced entrepreneur seeking outsourcing, design+engineering can help you with 3D Design Service utilizing SolidWorks in the USA.

While providing SolidWorks design services, our engineers are adept at dealing with real-world challenges such as efficiency, appearance, usability, and perfection.

What we offer

2D and 3D Modelling Services

We’ve helped several businesses get started with SolidWorks and 3D modeling. As part of our instruction and assistance, we’ve also helped several companies prepare their previous 2D drawing collection for use in the 3D version. SolidWorks has several tools for working with 2D data conversion, allowing you to convert your drawings to 3D. In a word, our goal is to make it simple to upgrade your existing design collection.

Drafting Services

design+engineering is happy to assist you with ideas on notes that will be translated into comprehensible plans. To obtain the appropriate projected viewpoints, a 3D model is produced using today’s technologies. As a result, you will obtain an additional 3D model at no cost, allowing you to interact with and explore your design! Our SolidWorks design expertise also equips us to produce industry-standard models that take unique workplace rules and expectations into account.

Visualization of Products

We can help you visualize your product before it is produced. Our SolidWorks design specialists are experienced in using the SolidWorks¬† Visualize tool to help clients create professional graphics, 3D data, and simulations before production. If you don’t have access to physical models, but still want to build interactive presentations, this is a great option.

Why choose design+engineering

Progressive Collaboration

The creative team of the organization can see exactly what we’ve accomplished, what we’re focused on, and what still has to be done. This enables them to provide exact information to their client or internal management.

A Reasonable Approach

At design+engineering, we give each Solidworks design service assignment our full attention. We begin by gathering the information needed for structure and installation, developing a project plan and timeline, and implementing tight change management procedures.


Our SolidWorks design services in the USA are likewise highly cost-effective. To save money while maintaining quality and discipline, we attempt to be as lean as feasible. Each project is tackled to ensure long-term profitability and enough resources.

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