FEA Analysis Services Singapore

design+engineering performs Finite Element Analysis (FEA) engineering services in Singapore to help design engineers and manufacturers solve structural and thermal analysis problems with optimised engineering designs that are delivered promptly and cost-effectively.

Our engineers use specialised software and current techniques to undertake a finite element analysis (FEA) to forecast the potential of frameworks and structures to endure thermal stresses, as well as determine the asset longevity. Our team of professionals works with you to define design parameters for tools and structures related to engineering services in Singapore, and then uses advanced tools to provide ideas and confirm modelling.

What we offer

Structural Evaluation

As part of our finite element analysis services, we have the necessary experience and competencies to offer you high-quality structural analysis services. To analyse an array of items and operations, we use a finite element computer model. This is quite advantageous to optimising substance, endurance, value, and other factors.

Thermal Research

Thermal analysis is used to guarantee that an element’s temperature dispensation is consistent. Advanced thermal analysis is used to ensure that the element performs accordingly when exposed to both internal as well as external sources.

Static and dynamic analysis

To minimise errors and maintain accuracy, we offer both static and dynamic analysis. Whereas, fluid dynamic analysis ensures the flow of compressible and incompressible fluids flowing through different structures.

Optimisation of the design

To identify the optimal loads, substances, and proportions for any design, we use the greatest and most advanced design optimisation techniques.

Why choose design+engineering ?

Progressive Collaboration

We believe in maintaining constant contact with our customers. The creative team at the organisation can see exactly what we’ve accomplished, what we’re concentrating on, and what remains to be accomplished. This enables them to provide accurate information to their client or internal management.

A logical approach

At design+engineering, we take great care with every FEA Service project in Singapore. We begin by gathering the necessary structuring and installation data, generating a project plan and timeline, and adopting rigorous change control techniques.


Our FEA Engineering Services are also incredibly cost-effective. We attempt to be lean to save money while yet maintaining quality and discipline. Each project is undertaken with a focus on long-term sustainability and enough resources.

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