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design+engineering is a CAD design engineering company in Singapore. Computer-Aided Design, or CAD, is a type of software that has been invented to make a range of design activities more practical. Previously, designs were done by hand, which was a time-consuming and arduous procedure, notably if clients wanted alterations. CAD design engineering services allows drafters and design engineers to use technology to convert their concepts to life in a much shorter amount of time.

What we offer

Product design and development

Companies in a variety of industries can benefit from design+engineering’s superior CAD engineering solutions, and design and development services. CAD/FEA analytics, model creation, object aesthetics, construction plan management, competitive analysis, and more are all part of our product design and development services. We have vast expertise in the development and upkeep of rich and interactive experiences for many industries, from initial design through manufacture.

Drawing and modelling

Many design engineers are employing 3-D models that include engineering knowledge and other product characteristics to create model-based definitions. design+engineering delivers both 3-D modelling and classic 2-D drawings. Our local CAD designers can assist you to get desired designs crafted in due time.

Reverse engineering

design+engineering- a CAD Design and Engineering Company in Singapore, can assist you in even building the outdated model with reverse engineering services, which includes ramping up a product, enhancing the components, or optimising the resilience. We can create 3D design CAD models from existing objects thanks to our reverse engineering capabilities. This aids in determining the original design goal, upgrading the production line, and much more.

Designing complex surfaces

Surface modelling enables the construction of geometrical patterns and shapes that would otherwise be impossible to achieve with existing approaches. Designers can also use it to update current models and fix third-party components. design+engineering employs advanced software to convert drawings into complicated surface models.

Model validation

Engineers can examine designs for conformity with company norms and design requirements using today’s CAD technologies. Model verification, on the other hand, is frequently the responsibility of a project architect, who must oversee the work of many design engineers. design+engineering provides these services to improve the quality of CAD design while shortening the development cycles. design+engineering provides these services to improve the quality of CAD design while shortening the development cycles.

Why choose design+engineering

Progressive Collaboration

We believe in keeping in touch with our customers regularly. The company’s creative team can see exactly what we’ve done, what we’re focusing on, and what needs to be done. This allows them to properly report to their client or internal management.

A methodical approach

Every CAD design assignment at design+engineering is approached with great care. We initiate by collecting all-important structuring and installation data, as well as developing a project plan and timeframe, as well as implementing formal change control methods.


Our computer-aided design services in Singapore are also extremely affordable. We strive to be lean to save expenses while maintaining excellence and discipline. Each project is approached with sustainability in mind and proper resources.

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