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design+engineering is a one in all services company offering CAD & Engineering services, FEA services, and 3D SolidWorks design services. Our engineering services are capable of creating 2D and 3D versions of real-world goods virtually before they are created. You can simply share, evaluate, restore, and alter designs with 3D CAD services, allowing you to create unique and superior goods that hit the market quickly.

High-quality FEA modeling is the most effective approach to evaluate and optimise goods before spending a single penny on hardware – and we’re experts at it. Whether you need assistance with creating the best-quality FEA models or are searching for a completely integrated approach to deal, we can assist. Receive more data and drawing edition style with our Solidworks Design services as compared to any other CAD technology.

Our objectives

design+engineering provides computer-aided engineering services to businesses all across the world, delivering high-quality results in every engagement. We work round the clock to accomplish commitments at the lowest feasible cost and to satisfy our clientele with the expected outcomes.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Our major indicator of client satisfaction is the accuracy and thoughtfulness with which we produce state-of-the-art design and drawing outputs. The design+engineering team uses a patented process to produce uniformly and dependably. Before completion, every venture always passes through the specified performance indicators, which dramatically  minimises the likelihood of project faults. We also offer evaluation parameters for client-allocated resources, ensuring the most efficient use of those resources.

On-time Delivery

Quality that isn’t delivered on time is like a blunt sword that isn’t useful. At design+engineering, we recognize the necessity of completing projects on time and at the highest possible standard. Our clients’ comments speak for themselves, as we achieve deadlines without affecting productivity.

Work with specialists

design+engineering offers excellent computer-aided engineering services, allowing you to effectively expand your engineering company or supplement your in-house staff with the greatest overseas designing skills.  Utilise our Computer-Aided Design and Engineering services for your future drafting venture, or use our highly trained staff to establish a team of devoted professionals—the option is yours.

Why Trust design+engineering?

When commitments are kept, honesty is important. Based on this conviction, we at design+engineering supply high-quality CAD drafting services to  businesses all around the world on time. Our automated project management techniques are praised for significantly lowering operational costs, and ensuring optimum production and achievements.

A team of professionals is stationed 24/7 at the following services, versatile and ready to guarantee that objectives are not only met, but exceeded.

CAD Engineering Services

CAD can be used to create, modify, and enhance the design process. Engineers can use CAD to create more realistic representations and readily adjust them to boost the quality of the design. The CAD Engineering Services software also considers how different materials engage: This is particularly important as subcontractors add more information to drawings.

FEA Analysis & Engineering Services

FEA is generally used to carry out a modelling program that works in parallel with the testing of digital structures and systems. To resolve difficult engineering challenges, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is performed. It is a statistical approach that is combined with CAD drafting services to tackle design issues.

3D SolidWorksDesign Services

SolidWorks is an excellent program for making 2D and 3D drawings and structures. design+engineering has a team of SolidWorks specialists ready to assist you with any project. Solidworks Design engineers, construction engineers, and other design & development specialists are all part of our extensive offerings.

The leading CAD, FEA and engineering services company

All tasks related to SolidWorks, design and analysis under one roof

All engineering as per latest industry codes and standards

We refer to the latest rules and standards when working on engineering projects

All engineering as per latest industry codes and standards

We refer to the latest rules and standards when working on engineering projects

An organisation with over 20 years of industry experience

We specialise in engineering, design and analysis. That’s what we do. Having worked in industries such as oil & gas, construction, nuclear, defence, process, aquaculture and various other sectors, we believe and are confident that we can be your perfect partner for all engineering projects. With a team of great engineers, we go a step further to assist you in your projects.

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